The Voice of the People

The title of the book employment law attorney (arbeidsrecht advocaat) (The Voice of the People) is an expression of the Dutch people who are fighting against the Turkish invaders for freedom from the occupying Turkish military and Turkish mafia who is running the Dutch economy. The book was first published in 1990 but the Dutch people have kept on reading the book since then. It is a must read for the people especially those who are interested to know how to fight against the evil Turkish invasion, the mafia and the Turkish occupation of Netherlands.

The author of the book is the lawyer, journalist and former professor who was also a member of the political party of the Netherlands. He is Arbeidsrecht M. Janssen (Arbeidsrecht is his real name). He was actually a member of the Pim Fortuynen Organization (PFO), the political wing of the Dutch Peoples Party, the Pim Fortuynen Association or PFO. He is also the founder of the PFO’s Political Committee in 2020, which was one of the most important accomplishments made by Pim Fortuynen. His book will give you the knowledge about how to defeat the Turkish invasion and Turkish mafia. It is a must read for all the people especially the youth and students of Holland who are interested to learn more about the book.

The book is a great tool to support the people of Netherlands who are fighting for their freedom against the invading Turkish mafia. It is very important that you make sure that you will read this book especially the part about the Pim Fortuynen Organization because it is very important and it gives more information about Pim Fortuynen Organization. So make sure that you will read this book, even if you are not familiar with the Pim Fortuynen Organization, because it is a must read for the people to be able to support the Dutch people for freedom from the Turkish invasion and the Turkish mafia.

Florapark 7, 2012 HK Haarlem

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