The process of becoming a Canadian citizen

The first stage of becoming a Canadian citizen once you migrate to canada from dubaiis to obtain permanent residency. As a permanent resident, you are entitled to a variety of benefits that Canadians are entitled to, including protection under the freedom and rights of the Canadian charter as well as the coverage for provincial healthcare.

If you immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry program for skilled workers, then you automatically are granted permanent residency. For students, refugees, and other foreign or temporal workers, who didn’t enter the country under the Express Entry program for skilled workers, they have to apply for permanent residency before being granted citizenship.
If you choose, it is possible to be a permanent resident in Canada the entire time you are going to stay there. Still, for most immigrants they opt to go for the extra step of becoming a Canadian citizen who is fully-fledged. For you to become a Canadian citizen, you have to stay in Canada for at least 1095 days of the last five years as well as pass the citizenship and language tests.
As a Canadian citizen, you will get additional rights which the permanent residents don’t enjoy such as, the right to be able to vote and travel using a Canadian passport, run for office, get government jobs which require one to have citizenship, and you are guaranteed that you will not lose your status of being a Canadian.
With the Express Entry in Canada for skilled workers, you can easily fast track your immigration and become a Canadian citizen in the shortest time possible. Within six months, you should have a permanent residency. Once you qualify, you can ensure to stay in Canada for the 1095 days that are a requirement for you to get the citizenship.

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