How Effective Are Skin Lightening Creams?

When you see red itchy patches on your skin that irritates their presence, this means your skin is suffering from rashes problem. The root causes behind such unwanted irritating problems are many. The skin rashes result from skin allergies, bacterial or viral infection, eczema, insect bites, psoriasis, acne, over-sweating, excessive heat, side-effects from chemically treated products or some other conditions. Here are some natural skin lightening creams that will tell you how to get rid of a rash on face instantly.

Keratosis: Small, hard bumps around hair follicles, especially on the thighs, buttocks, face and upper arms that are usually caused due to the overproduction of keratin. The lesions stay throughout the year but are more severe in winter because the skin is dry.
• Rub affected area with sponge or loofah when bathing. The bumps will go away gradually.
• Mix baking soda with water and apply the paste on the face where the bumps are present. After a few minutes, scrub and rinse with water. Repeat daily to remove the bumps.
• Massage coconut oil on the affected area and wash your face after a few minutes.
• Use yogurt as a remedy of bumps caused by keratosis.
• Applying skin lightening creams or moisturizers or regularly in winters.
• Avoid washing your face with hot water as it makes the skin dry.
• Avoid the use of harsh chemical soaps to clean the face.
Allergies: rashes are occurring from allergic reactions caused by food, pollen, allergens in cosmetics and products for skincare and laundry.
• Use water to wash the area.
• Isolate the affected part from any suspected irritant.
• Consult a doctor if the irritation persists.
Apart from this, if the skin is product sensitive, then it may result in rashes from the use of such products like soaps, face wash, cosmetics or face lotions or sometimes face makeover.

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