Enjoy the perfection that only G Pen Pro can offer

At DirectVapes you can buy the most recent in the famous type of dry plant vaporizers Grenco Sciences G Pencil. These contemporary devices allow you to enjoy a better expertise when vaping your chosen scents and dried up g pen pro products.

The product quality and portability allow you to assure an ingestion of attributes of your respective items anytime and anywhere assisting your vaping experience.

Grenco Sciences items are famous for their quality, fashion, performance and also the individuality in their technologies, along with their G Pen series has capable to take vaping to your more impressive range using the gadget G Pen Elite.

The latest features and ergonomic design, make it a exclusive and also unique product, its compact physique gives alleviate and greatest transportability without sacrificing its refined visual appeal.

This line has become seen as a perfectly mixing technology and art work in its units, and G Pen Pro has it all. Its excellent design range provides a perfectly ergonomic and stylish style, which heats instantly due to the agreement of their ceramic furnace.

Its lightweight dimensions are not a obstacle so you can use a large capability and sizing battery, which keeps you vaping with out constraints. This gadget has three diverse temperature options that enable you to modify and get to your personal amount of vapour perfection.

The G Pen Pro arrives fully provided with a USB charging cable tv, a keychain poker, as well as a cleansing brush.

The G Pencil series from Grenco Sciences really provides numerous advantages to vapers, and also the G Pen Nova will not be far behind when it comes to exceptional vaping quality.

This modern, lightweight and ergonomic design allows you to more customize your vaping practical experience. It offers you the potential of altering the power of warmth to personalize each session and appreciate a purer vapor.

With this gadget it is possible to relish the most point of your dried up natural herbs as well as enjoy the different functionalities that it contemporary gear provides.

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