An Overview of Stone Tomb of Ninh Binh

The world is full of people. People of different castes, customs, and colors. But what connects every one of them is their rituals. Their love towards their families and respect towards their ancestors. While here in India we hold different religious ceremonies to remember our ancestors, Vietnamese celebrate the essence of their ancestors by building thoseStone Tombs.

The beautiful hand-crafted veteran (lang mo da) of Ninh Binh is an example of such a delicate piece of art. It is just not some stone carving but it has deep spiritual meanings. Its mere presence around you can so much peace to your mind and soul. The tombs in Vietnam are not considered to be just monuments but a piece of devotion to show their love and respect towards their ancestors. This is only possible because of the skilled stone artists of Vietnam.
A Look at Stone Tombs at Ninh Binh:
A lang mo dais a structure built on the burial place ofthe dead to pay them respect. A tomb also has some small tombs inside it making it a complex structure. The famous considerations in Ninh Binh are the greenstone tombs. The stone tombs of celebrities Ho Chi Minh and Or Thanh Du Lang are also among the unique carvings of greenstone.
The handcrafters of stone tombs have been in Vietnam for ages. Most of them have four or five generations involved in this business. The product of stone carvings is thus available in various designs, shapes, and sizes because of its history of more than 100 years.
The most commonlypreferred stones are mossy green, dark blue, yellow stone, white stone, and granite.Also, it should be an old stone with no patchwork. The stone tomb needs to be monolithic and cracked which ensures its quality and durability.
Some burial places at Ninh Binh are so greatly carved that they are even recognized by UNESCO and mentioned as World Heritage.

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