Alain Dumenil has been successful in all the areas in which he has decided to invest.

Alain Duménil Born on May 3, 1949, in Neuilly-sur-Seine,” al-ain Duménil will define himself like a French businessman, author, or even patron whose accomplishments during his career have left him one of the most importantAlain Dumenil fantastic directors amazing from France.

Al Ain Duménil is basically distinguished from Other great French businessmen, for his preference because of civilization; this really is definitely something that occupies a exact crucial location in his life, in particular for this intention where the entrepreneur grants many positive aspects in various ways.

Al Ain Duménil acquired editions of p L’Herne all these really are an independent publishing house based from the 1960s located in Paris around Rue Mazarine, it’s won within this enthusiast of culture and never hesitates to proceed contrary to the encompassing styles and notions.

Since he’s always been taken with his own love For civilization in all its kinds, the business man even created a literary award. The famed Duménil Prize, which awards each season a publication compiled with a French writer and the winning publication is published between January and April of exactly the exact same calendar year old.

In case Alain Dumenil, Dedicates an infinite like for literature, and additional ethnic sectors also excite part of the interest, like the theater. So in 2000, the president turned into the owner of the theater situated on Rue Blanche, at Paris. This includes a room which may accommodate upto 1,100 spectators.

Though It is not a question of civilization from the Strict sense, the entrepreneur can be also found in the newspaper sector by way of a important acquisition. The latter occurs in ’09 and identifies to this Agefi SA press set that acquired GSMN. The group owns L’Agefi, a well-known Swiss firm daily.

Maintaining a picture of Al Ain Duménil would not be a completely complete idea without Shifting the most unknown component that differentiates him from every other entrepreneur: his own talent as a writer he could be the author of 3 novels who’ve experienced a excellent impact.

Real estate, fund, culture, aeronautics, it Is obvious the al-ain Duménil has been Successful in all the areas by which he has opted to invest. A specially Talented entrepreneur with an undeniable urge to check out new worlds, he is Undoubtedly among the absolute most fascinating and initial French leaders of current Many years.

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